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once-in-a-lifetime is


Jewelry that we regard dearly often has personal stories. I believe this is the reason why pieces of jewelry with abundant connections to the traces and passage of time are so appealing.


A designer who majored in music composition designs jewelry inspired by daily life and music and filled with stories, as well as jewelry through which we can share the most precious moments of the wearers. Production of your own jewelry that contains storied significance.


'once-in-a-lifetime' was conceptualized with the romantic notion of wanting to tell stories contained within and wanting to be captivated in the jewelry.



Si-Eun Bang, the designer of once-in-a-lifetime majored in music composition while at university.


Her designs are inspired by the trivial experiences in her daily life and music, and each piece of her collection combines to additively and ultimately become the whole process of completing a composition of a musical piece.


The directionality being pursued by once-in-a-lifetime, although there may be differences in the materials and details, is to create a harmoniously-composed brand with her products without clearly distinguishing them into either fashion jewelry or fine jewelry line, or a second brand.


Her jewelry is characterized by controlling dynamics through atypical structural design, elegant lines, unbalancing, and layering. She has been introducing jewelry that has simple-yet-exquisite details, and can be worn in a wide range of formats.

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